Doom4CE for Compaq iPaq

First person action game for the Pocket PC

DOOM4CE is a port of the original ID Software title Doom, one of the most popular computer games ever.

It's a 3D, first person shooter, where the aim is to reach the end -- alive! You must fight monsters and demons in your quest, and the game can get pretty scary sometimes.

To install the game:

1. Unzip the files you download
2. Copy doom.exe and doom1.wad (or any other WAD files) to the same directory. If you have a Storage Card, this is the best option because these files take a lot of memory. In this case, you need to create a 'Doom' sub-directory in your Storage Card directory.
3. For Casio E-100/105/500 version, you need to copy Doom4CE.wad to the same directory along with copying any custom wad files you want to run
4. Free as much as memory you can (Doom4CE needs at least 8.5 MB free program memory to run)
5. Run Doom.exe

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Doom4CE for Compaq iPaq

User reviews about Doom4CE

  • by Anonymous

    Bad download..
    It won't play on my Pocket PC. It asks for the WAD file, I open the file and it closes out of the...   More